Thursday, October 30, 2008

Utilizing Jobs to Create Wealth not just a Paycheck!

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Authentic Leadership™ wrote:
Jobs are about creating wealth not money. Your greatest wealth as an individual or an organization is offering your passion in service to others. Wealth is what we want - money is a way of moving wealth. In practice they are usually interchangeable but they are not the same thing. The disadvantage of looking at money as wealth is that it obscures what business really means. People think that what a business does is make money. But money is just the intermediate stage - just shorthand for whatever people want. What most businesses really do is make wealth - they do something people want.

The current level of workforce engagement at creating wealth is at a mere 29 percent. Employees have lost their interest in working together to create wealth. Position-based power ‘leadership’ that many businesses use has created victims and low levels of workforce engagement. The development of Authentic Leadership™ is the solution. Authentic leadership creates both personal wealth and their actions inspire synergistic organizational wealth creation within the company. More than 75 percent of wealth created today is service related – people vs. process. The intangible capital (patents, R&D, services, etc…) of the world's largest 150 companies has been estimated at $7.5 trillion - up from $800 billion just a decade ago.

PLEASE let me and Dr. Johnson hear YOUR story along these lines.


Phil Johnson Ph.D. said...

This is Phil's opinion on why one of the big guys is not doing well as "the underdog" of the past:
GM has hired more ‘Lean Manufacturing’ experts than anyone in the world. They are using the tools yet have been unable to duplicate Toyota’s results. The reason … not enough focus on the development of Authentic Leadership™ within their employees.

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Authentic Leadership™
Master of Business Leadership™ & Sales Coach, Teacher, Author & Speaker

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