Thursday, October 30, 2008

Banking Jobs AFTER the Meltdown?

Please give us your comments and thoughts on where you see the best opportunities in Banking, Financial sectors for the new year - 2009. Are we to prepare for bladerunner or will the pros and eager learners create new paths for integrity and opportunities in Banking and related fields?


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In the coming year, the banks and financial organizations need to seriously focus on RISK MANAGEMENT. To avoid economic crisis like Lehman Downfall, Credit Risk Management would be a major focus areas for the banks and investment companies. In the Mortgage market, the creditworthiness of the investors and companies hold equal importance for these financial organizations. So, the Credit Rating Agencies need to actually re-look at defining the Rating Framework.Apart from that, on IT front, the Business Intelligence systems in organiztaions should be integrated with Risk Management process and policies so that the information extracted can be helpful to the management for major decision making process.

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Anonymous said...

In response to your asking us to share leads about which Banks you love to work with! I just had a great meeting with Promerica Bank in downtown Los Angeles and they are committed to a double bottom line. Good for the greater Los Angeles community, good as a player in the minority and women's business bankers AND a profitable, well capitalized bank. I wish all Banks would operate like that!