Saturday, October 25, 2008


Alissa Sears of California and New York based Christie Communications, experts in the Green Sector, shares these thoughts:
Despite the current state of the economy, the green sector continues to grow at rapid rates. The Socially Responsible Investment sector (per Social Investment Forum’s Trends Report) represents roughly 11% of assets under management, and has risen from $639 billion in 1995 to $2.71 trillion in 2007 – a 324 percent growth rate, compared to 260 percent growth in the broader universe of professionally managed assets. These trends towards ethical consumerism have also shifted the workforce and the growth of opportunities available for people to "do good" while doing well. In the next five years, we see these sectors continuing to grow with the simultaneous growth of jobs providing new opportunities in alternative energies, green products and services, and amazing growth in the entrepreneurial realm. In an Economist survey of more than 1,250 senior business executives, 57% thought the benefits of pursuing sustainable practices outweighed the costs. We were recently featured in a great book called "Green Careers," a WetFeet Insider Guide that details the process of working green and the necessary skills.Links:

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