Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sometimes the Obvious Needs Repeating

Darryl Brooks a Recruiter with the AEGON Group writes:

An advantage and luxury of being a member of LinkedIn is that your network of colleagues is autonomous. It goes without saying that the older you are – the more valuable and extensive that network has become. With layoffs looming on the horizon – don’t let losing your job be compiled with losing your contacts. As a previous HR Manager and Administrator, the order of business after the decision to terminate is rendered is to:

1.) Make sure all documentation is in order
2.) Contact payroll to request a disbursement and review to insure all wages are accurate
3.) Request a network lockout from the IT department

Once this happens the contacts you’ve accumulated over the years in your employers’ Outlook are no longer available to you.

I strongly urge you to set-up your LinkedIn logon and contact settings with a personal email address. You would think this would be obvious, but as I continue to build my network I occasionally find profiles of x-coworkers and send invites to their company email address – only to have the invitation returned “BOUNCED” and knowing what that implies. True, profile information can always be updated. But why be out of the loop even for a moment when a colleague is trying to find you? More often than not, opportunities – only knock once.

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Outplacement Executive 2009 said...

If you are Laid off, Please ask your company what assistance they can provide. Many will provide added help to you in terms of job coaching,severance package, termination pay, resume help and office support. In the past many firms have not offered this at the time they lay someone off, but will provide support in many ways IF YOU ASK for help along these lines.

Liz R. said...

I've also found linked-in to be a valuable networking tool. It's great in that it allows one to scroll quickly through contacts and keep track of where friends and acquaintences / colleagues are working. Esp useful in today's world where people are changing jobs frequently / there is a lot of turnover.