Sunday, September 27, 2009

Taming the TO DO List and Finding Depth in Everyday Life

One of my favorite, thoughtful authors is Abby Seixas
From time to time she offers classes and lectures and
 I always recommend them to people who seek more
 meaning in their busy lives.

The Deep River Within:

Taming the To-Do List and Finding Depth in Everyday Life

Abby is again offering her  7-week distance course for women in the art of slowing down.

Beneath the busyness of our daily lives flows a deep
 river of creativity, passion, silence, and a place of
contact with ourselves and what matters to us. Although “the deep river” is a powerful source of
 nurturance, the fragmentation and sheer pace of life in 21st century America often buries this deeper dimension under the perpetual-motion surface of our days.

This course is about slowing down.

Based on Abby’s highly acclaimed book,

 Finding the Deep River Within: A Woman’s Guide to Recovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life, and on her in-person seven-week groups, the course will introduce the three preliminary doorways and six core practices that can support us in allowing our own deeper currents to flow through daily life.

With the help of readings, experiential exercises, discussion, creative expression, humor, and each other, we will explore ways to free ourselves from the tyranny of our “To-Do’s”, and so to rest more in our deeper selves and in the gift of life itself.

Phone seminars will be: Mondays, Oct. 19–Dec. 7, 2009; 7:30-8:45 pm EST
 and Wednesdays, Oct. 21-Dec. 2; 7:30-8:00 pm EST. *

(No meetings the week of November 23rd)

Phone seminars will be recorded for course members only, to download if a meeting is missed.

In addition, there will be a participants-only website for posting comments, sharing and questions, and for accessing downloads of all supplemental materials.

Cost: $225 (you are responsible for your telephone carrier’s charges for the calls.)

TO REGISTER, click here. (This pilot course is limited to 8 participants)

QUESTIONS? or (781) 647-4404

P.S. Also upcoming: an in-person 7-week group (begins Oct. 20); a one-day workshop (Nov. 7), and the Facilitator Training day (Nov. 8), all at the Women's Well, W. Concord, MA.

And...a day-long workshop in Falmouth Maine on Oct. 17th.