Thursday, September 3, 2009

New York Times Reports Middle Aged Workers Hard Pressed to Find New Jobs!

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Do you know people who have lost their jobs and have been unable to replace
their income? Do you know of success stories? Please comment and share
your success stories, tips and suggestions.

The worst Job Market in our life times is here and it was not predicted by the United State Dept of Labor just a few years ago, who had actually prediced a skilled labor shortage in 2010-2011!

Please take a look at the NY Times article and let us hear from you. Patty De

Middle-aged workers are hard-pressed to find new jobs
For middle-aged workers who lose their jobs, finding a new position is more difficult than it is for younger employees. Meanwhile, unemployment among middle-aged workers has hit an all-time high, according to government statistics. Workers who have lost positions in the financial services industry are particularly hard-pressed to find new jobs. Michael Blattman, formerly a senior vice president for a student-loan company, says the majority of his colleagues lost their jobs when the credit markets contracted. The New York Times (8/28)

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