Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Women in Leadership Summit Webinar

Don't miss this webinar:
The Science of Happiness: 3 Tools and Lessons for Achieving High Performance,

Sept. 10, 1-2pm EDT.

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The Science of Happiness: 3 Tools and Lessons for Achieving High Performance

Leaders in today’s challenging economy need to understand the power and science of happiness and how it applies to creating high performance at multiple levels in the organization and their personal lives. More women are entering (or re-entering) the workforce now than ever before due to the recession. Executive education and marital status aside, many working women are high potentials who are also working mothers (or plan to be).

This capable group of high potentials often lacks key knowledge and understanding about new tools and strategies to effectively help themselves and their teams successfully tap into a ready resource--their own happiness, to become the most effective leaders, managers and executives today.

In this session, coauthors of What Happy Working Mothers Know, Cathy L. Greenberg, PhD and Barrett S. Avigdors, JD, will provide insightful research, real stories, life lessons and easy to use tools for accelerating your happiness at work and at home as well as helping your teams understand the winning formula “happiness = profit”, where you are the key ingredient to high performance and strengths-based processes to maximize your success right now.

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