Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some of My Favorite Tips from Great Business People

As many of you know, my original book, the New World of Work was first released at the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland. The United Nations, and it's oversight group, the ILO were and are extremely interested in working conditions and opportunities for the world's people. Discussing employment issues with the world's employment ministers and the US labor department was very exciting. Each country has it's own concerns and issues yet they all share a desire to create more and better paying jobs.
I have added a few of my favorite tips from that first version of The New World of Work:

"There's no such thing as job security. One should see a job as an opportunity to grow one's skills and marketability. There is no such thing as loyalty or longevity in today's job market. Individuals need to take charge of their own destiny and stand by their own road maps."
Jorge Jackson
Executive Director, Public Affairs GTE
"Resultspeak is the language of our New World of Work.
Fluency is required"
Tony Burnham, Esq.
Former corporate Labor Counsel and VP Human Resources, The Carnation Company
"Since situations don't come nicely labeled, we have to treat some obstacles as if they were opportunities"
Adele Scheele, P.h.D Coach and Author Career Strategies of the Working Woman and former director of the California State University at Northridge Career Center.
One of my favorites from a pretty famous guy!! Paul Orfalea, founder and chair of the board
"Once you get the job, enthusiastic, show your supervisors that you're willing to work hard for shared goals and, most importantly, take the initiative. This is the best way to get ahead in any business."
Each of these quotes were given to me in 1995 and 1996....they are still so very true today! Patty De

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Nathan L. said...

Thank you for reminding me that there is no such thing as job security, I needed that wake up call. Thank you again for reminding me to make the most out of each job opportunity.


Nathan L.
G2G Intern