Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Learn from the Experts, Then Become ONE!

I love the executive development programs offered by major universities, especially Berkeley. Last summer I went "back to school" for a few intensive days and added certification for corporate board member, Institutional Shareholder Services, ISS Certification to my expertise.
What are you doing to grow yourself now?
In the midst of a recession, getting the best performance from your employees and giving your best becomes a more pressing need than ever.

Your leadership style interacts with your strategic business acumen to further

your team's effectiveness, and leveraging this style is essential to maximizing returns.

explores a spectrum of leadership styles, and will help you discover your own dominant style and deepen your understanding of effective leadership in a variety of challenging circumstances and changing business conditions.

This year's topic, "Leading in Volatile Times", ensures that executives can navigate the challenges of the global economy through the lens of leadership and performance.
Learn from the experts, then become one.

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Nathan L. said...

Leaders have such an influence on the people they lead. Leadership is so important, so thank you to teaching and helping others become better leaders.


Nathan L.
G2G Intern