Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thinking About Agriculture and Food Production as a Career Path

Career Idea from Al Walsh

My valued friend Patty DeDominic was teasing me today about being a sometime-cynic.
I explained to her that I’m not a cynic by nature, but the current political/economic situation has me in near-hysteria. But that doesn’t mean I can’t see a silver lining among the storm clouds.

Here’s one for people seeking employment or a better opportunity to consider - Agriculture.

For a wide-variety of reasons, crop yields are not keeping up with need, thus placing agriculture in the position of being a growth-industry. Of course, the world population just keeps growing. Many experts think this yield-to-need shortage will continue indefinitely.

America is the world’s breadbasket, and U.S. agri-business is huge. It’s not sexy like a hi-tech company, but it’s big, it’s sophisticated, and it’s stable.

There’s agri-business all over the nation. Just consider the mammoth agricultural presence we have in California alone.

They need all of the people that other companies need – Scientists, Engineers, Executives, Managers, Accountants, Technicians, and a host of other folk.

Take a look at Agriculture as an Industry to pursue. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Good Luck,

Al Walsh, CEO
Walsh Enterprises, Business Advisors
Huntington Beach, Ca

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