Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dianne Gubin With Tips on Handling Downtime

Tip of the Week
by Dianne Gubin

Downtime at Work During a Recession

Some employees are finding that with sales down in this economy, they have fewer projects to keep them busy. This doesn’t mean that their jobs are at stake, but that there is a lull in a normally fast-paced business.

It’s anecdotal, but we’re hearing more stories of workers taking on side projects, playing video games, job hunting at work, or leaving early.

Joyce, a marketing director at a leading healthcare company, said that her normally frenetic schedule has lightened up recently. She still has plenty of work, but her skill level allows her to finish her work earlier than most on her team. Joyce spends the extra time at the office researching a side Internet marketing business she’s getting ready to launch. She said she’s careful not to leave evidence of her personal work on the company’s computer.

Scott, a Web developer, left a job, even during this economy because he was no longer challenged. Scott said that his colleagues are all busy playing video games at work as there just isn’t enough work to keep them in a hectic pace all day.

Annie, an administrative assistant, was fired for job hunting at her desk. One quick look at her Web browsing history showed the activity.

When employed seeking a new job during a down economy:

Put your personal cell phone and email on your résumé
Avoid using your corporate email account for personal business
Don’t job hunt at the office
In most firms, there is always work and projects to create that can move the business forward. Ask how you can help. Seek out new projects. Or volunteer for a professional association where you can learn new skills.

A down economy and less work at the office mean this is a good time to maintain and expand your professional network, take classes, and create better balance in all areas of your life.

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