Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can't find the Perfect Job? Create Your Own Like Nancy Davison!

You can create YOUR Own Best Job........ or your could sign up
to be a sales representative for
San Clemente Soaps!

San Clemente Soaps. their motto is "If you can Dream it, We can Make it!"

For over twenty-five years one of my former landlords and I have built a strong friendship.
We were two young professional women building our careers. We got married to the men of our dreams, had children and watched (still do) them grow with gratefulness and amazement!

Over the years I built up PDQCareers and CT Engineering and my friend Nancy built a real estate business, became a true artist and professional photographer and now an entrepreneur
in the design and manufacturing of wonderful bath products.
Nancy created San Clemente Soaps a few years ago and it is wonderful to watch her popular business blossom.

Nancy created a compelling vision.....she worked hard despite the odds and she is building a wonderful company in California. Celebrities, business people, hospitals and hotels all use San Clemente Soap and Bath products. It is wonderful to see how Nancy's dream has materialized and to see the TLC that goes into her products.

We asked Nancy what some of her secrets of success are and she told us "Creating lasting impressions is the heart of our business…" We serve Hotels/Resorts, Hospitals & Corporate clients and we help each one create something special for their clients too.

San Clemente Soaps Website tells us:
Fragrance is one of the most powerful paths to evoking both memory and emotional euphoric moments. A pleasing aroma and tactile sensation, combined with an artistic memento of a special occasion can create a transcendent experience.
We specialize in creating masterful branding and marketing programs for our clients with custom gift packages and private labels. Our satisfied clients of hotels and resorts, corporations, hospitals, wedding planners, event organizers, day spas, individual gift givers, and people who simply love using our body products stand out from the crowds.

Nancy says: "Our designers use creative packaging and fragrance formulation combined with handmade natural soaps, bath salts, massage oils and other beauty products; all custom made with the finest essential oils, vegetable oils, Shea Butter, and other environmentally safe ingredients. Come away with us. Let us help create the dream you visualize for yourself, your client gifts, or party favors. Together we create lasting impressions with a visual, tactile, and aromatic experience of pleasure, fun and the memory of using our fine handmade decorative soaps and body products for personal use."

Interested in learning more? Reach out to Nancy Davison at

This article proudly written about my dear friend Nancy by Patty De

"If you can dream it, we can make it."

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