Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thoughts on Leadership vs Management

Leadership is about doing the right things.
Management is about doing those things the right way.
Any organization can be revitalized with Authentic Leadership™, but never with great management.
Launching a leadership ‘revolution’ on the existing status quo must come first.

In Leadership,

Phil Johnson,
Authentic Leadership™ Coach, Author & Speaker


Dr. Cindy Brown said...

No matter what happens, look for the good and you'll find it.
A positive thinker does not refuse to recognize the negative - he refuses to dwell on it.

Positive thinking is a form of thought which habitually looks for the best results from the worst conditions. It is always possible to look for something good; to expect the best for yourself even though things look bad.
And the remarkable fact is that when you seek good, you will find it!!

Dale Galloway, author of 12 Ways to Develop a Positive Attitude

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