Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Integrity, Honesty and Principled Leadership needed more than ever.

Obama’s Success Depends on Honesty, Integrity and Principled Leadership

Reeling from economic concerns, Americans want an end to
partisanship, and more focus on serious issues.

Forget political ideology and partisan one–upsmanship, the American public is looking for its next president to be – first and foremost – an honest man of integrity and intelligence who will lead the nation by example through the tumultuous times ahead, a new Capps Center/Zogby survey shows.

If you would like to see more on this recent study by the CAPPs Center at UCSB, please visit www.cappscenter.ucsb.edu

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Anonymous said...

Dear Advisors:

I have a fabulous job opportunity if I pack up my whole life and move across the country. I am scared...... got any tips for me?

Am I relocatable?

Answer by Dr. Adele Scheele
Career Strategist & Mentor

Moving Across the Country…….. my travels from NY TO California and vice versa…...
Moving counts as a HUGE CHANGE. It is deceptive since
it seems easier than it is. Moving requires you to find a place
to rent/buy in a neighborhood that you don't know. Help
yourself out by asking friends from your former place to
connect you with friends and associates in your new city. You cannot be passive; you must force yourself to be
proactive.Ask new neighbors for recommendations for
shopping, dining, grocery, cleaners, mechanics, even
doctors. Make yourself report back how you enjoyed
their suggestions. Keep a rapport going; you will need them
and they will be better used than if you only come to them
in emergency.
Finding work is another HUGE CHANGE. If you are being
transferred, make yourself get to know your new colleagues
quickly and invite some to lunch. Don't take sides or form
cliques until you know them all better.
Finding work cold is the most difficult. Try to have some
contacts before you move and then follow them up. If you
have no leads, go to a variety of temporary agencies until
you find one with appropriate work. When you do that,
you might also want to stay in a hotel for a month
before you rent an apartment.
Finding friends is the work of our lifetime. Ask your friends
for contacts and get to meet all of them over and over until
some stick. Join a professional association/church/class/club
immediately and get involved in a committee.

If you don't, you will be lonely. If you are lonely, you will
isolate yourself. If you isolate yourself, you will get
depressed. If you are depressed, you will get sick. If you
get sick, you will despair and wish you hadn't moved at all.

It takes great courage; you've got it or you wouldn't have
moved in the first place. You now have a chance to REINVENT
YOURSELF and begin another chapter.