Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Anand Subramaniam Suggests Creativity and Radical Product Innovation in 2009

When, where, why etc and finally how does a firm manage new product development, innovation, create blue ocean strategies and ensure success from the whole process.. well it depends !!.
At present, I am consulting for an organisation in Asia and here is the framework / roadmap I am using.

1. Organizing for product development (PD)

2. Knowledge Management in PD

3. Product development strategy and performance

4. Leadership and creativity in PD

5. Creativity and Design Management and Business Performance

6. . Product development in a global context

7. Networks and alliances in PD

8. Radical product innovation

9. Product development process

10. Product development in services and software

11. Marketing, users and product development

12. Entrepreneurship and PD

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