Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Jobs for YOUTH

Where are the Best Opportunities for the Kids now a days?

Who is doing internships? Programs for Youth? Please give your general
and specific suggestions. The New New World of Work will share your ideas
with the people who are making a differences in communities all over the world.
Patty De


Patty De said...

We believe that, somewhat different from the traditional model, we must motivate youth from inside themselves.

Segue has found gold in each community in the form of the wisdom and experiences of those in the everyday workplace. Imbued with the spirit of caring mentors, these volunteer speakers come into classrooms to excite and inspire and motivate students about career paths from science to math to construction to healthcare. Students "hear" them a way they can't hear their own parents.


Anonymous said...

It appears to me that more and more companies are offering college internships for students. It's smart for these companies to hire students for cheap labor as a pay off for the students to gain quality, real-world experience.

What advice do you have for college students looking for that "perfect" summer internship?

Patty De said...

Perfect summer internships...... that is like the perfect date, non existant. Strive for experiences which give good grounding, connections, new and most relevant experience. Pay is the secondary consideration here, one student nailed a fabulous entertainment industry job because she was willing to work for expenses to get her foot in the door. Another new college grad got started investing in real estate because he was willing to help clean up some rental properties for his boss.

Keep eyes open for mentors who are already very successful, not simply employed. Well rounded success is indicated by people who are involved outside their profession in community and other activities, helping others, learning, philanthropy or service work.

Great jobs go to great people who show up with enthusiasm and solutions not with a hat in hand.

Anonymous said...

the only summer job i had during college was at a new york car detailing shop. i was on a volunteer fire department at that time and loved cleaning our fire trucks. i figured, "why not check out a car detail shop?"

point is: i tried to find something i liked doing already, and did. when i mentioned my experience at the fire house, i was hired on the spot--despite me only being available for 8 weeks.

i still have fond memories of that job and the various cast of characters i worked and interacted with on a daily basis--especially omar from bronx.

Patty De said...

Mentoring and exposing high school students works! 94% of the Segue Programs student audience who went on line afterward said the visiting speaker made them think more about their career options and were more likely to make sure they graduated high school! The 20 minute classroom visitors provided to Ventura County schools by not for profit gave them confidence that investing in career knowledge would pay off.

For more info about this innovative program please contact Jerry Beckerman at Jerry Beckerman