Thursday, July 24, 2008

Helping Find Opportunities for the Youth

Our good friend Fay F., principal of Envision Strategic Group, poses the following questions. Please consider them and let us know your thoughts!

As successful, engaged professionals, what can we do to help young people find opportunities within our networks?

What conversations should we have with our young people to prepare them to handle these opportunities?

  • Resume quality
  • Returning calls/emails promptly
  • Keeping us informed so we might help in overcoming roadblocks with people we know
  • Showing gratitude
  • Setting the expectation on what help you can provide


Anonymous said...

Look to the youth to tell us what they want to do as work. They have great minds and know what they will find interesting.

Anonymous said...

Kids want and need experiences that give them mentors, contacts and confidence that they can not only make money during their summer jobs but lay the groundwork for their first full time job when they are ready.

Also, College bound kids will do better in school if they have strong life experiences to support their educational experiences.

Salliemeta said...

Help young people identify topics they are interested in and then find work/internship or volunteer experiences that let them test out their interest as they are headed out of high school and through college. Young people with a strong desire to focus on a particular topic early in life can help develop the drive needed to succeed in life and in the workplace.

Good manners and common sense also go a long way - colleges should be teaching mandatory courses on workplace etiquette and job hunting skills. If someone at a college wants to collaborate on such a course I would be happy to do so.