Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Keeping those Ideas Coming

Mitch Says, Global issues and impact is an important new job hunting consideration.

Please take a moment to comment on Cultural Competence in the Workplace and WHERE YOU see the jobs coming now! thanks Patty De


Anonymous said...

technology, technology, technology. it seems to be all about technology. the market is overflowing with opportunities in that sector.

there also seems to be a growing demographic of people frustrated with the corporate way of life and will look for ways to carve their own path. i have a feeling that such individuals are already in demand, and that the demand will increase.

--chris from sb.

Jean Weidemann said...

Employees want to feel a connection and passion for what they are doing. When work aligns with one's purpose in life, it is no longer "work".

Anonymous said...

This blogging stuff is new to me. Is there really anything that I can do on blogs that will help my job hunting prospects?

Sam R.