Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LAND IT, Job Tips for Prime of Lifers by DeDominic Wins 4 Stars from Readers Favorite Awards!

I'm so pleased to share the great news with you!  Our book is just available in electronic form but it is already changing lives and I am so grateful!  Thanks for your support and for your wonderful testimonials!

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"Whether you have just been laid off, have been spending months slugging through the seemingly over-whelming task of securing your next position, or trying to get more consulting clients, “Land It… Job Hunt Tips For Prime of Lifers” is a “must have” resource.

Sometimes all it takes is making minor corrections to what you’re already doing or just getting a specific piece of information that makes the difference between landing the job or not. Author, Patty De Dominic, the founder and former owner of two multi-million dollar placement firms, is an expert in this field -- providing a “no nonsense”, quick read, easy-to-implement plan for success that is sure to shorten either your time out of work, or add more clients to your business.

On the same day I read her book, I used one of her tips and secured a consulting client. In my opinion, this is one book you can’t afford not to buy!"

Suzanne Stanford, President, MISC, Inc.

Betsy Meyers, former Chief Operating Officer,  OBAMA for America Campaign
Former Executive Director, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government said  

  " Land It, Job Hunting Tips for Prime of Lifers is the little black book of confidence.  it is your friendly reminder of all the skills, assets and networks you have gained during your life that will help you land the job of your dreams at this stage in your life.   We never stop needing mentors and this is one you can carry around in your pocket."

READERS FAVORIE Reviewers said:
Reviewed by Rita V for

Land It! is a valuable book with essential tools in helping people of all ages find quality higher job placements. Patty DeDominic has helped place over 250,000 people into the job market, and through her experience, she has written a very helpful book on how to find those jobs quickly and easily. Her book talks about job hunting tips for prime-of-lifers, not just the younger people! Let’s face it, people of all ages need jobs in today’s society, as everything has changed drastically in finding employment.

DeDominic talks about how to get the ‘good’ job offers and provides a job hunting checklist that everyone should refer to when seeking jobs. This checklist is unique and gives invaluable tips for readiness and tips for a successful job hunt. She also shows how a person can learn to find Government Grants and other resources that people do not know about but will aid in finding and financing job opportunities. One's resume is a calling card, and every action and interview is a learning opportunity. Companies look for people who add value to their company, and they also look for special qualities that people bring with them to the table. Also provided are examples of three different types of resumes depending on what best fits each individual. DeDominic shows the reader how to build a Skills Based Resume, a Chronological Resume and a Keyword Resume. The reader will learn the differences between the three and see which one is right for him or her. The reader also learns the differences between recruiters, headhunters and staffing agencies.

Who doesn’t need a little help in finding job placement in today’s changing world? I found this book to be very educational and helpful for all people including the ‘prime-of-lifers’ that need to find jobs just as badly as everyone else today. I had no clue as to how many resources are really available to aid people in finding the right job for them. There isn’t a person out there looking for a job who couldn’t benefit from using these valuable tools. This was a very easy and detailed book to read. If I were looking for a job at the moment, this is definitely a book that I would invest in!"

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