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Do What YOU LOVE! Let your passion drive your career.

Follow Your Passion,

 Let Your Passions Drive your Career

Patty DeDominic
Coach to High Achievers
Santa Barbara, California

Want to Do More of What YOU LOVE?
Need more energy toward your career?

You can easily learn the Secrets of Talented Professionals and Celebrities.  Really!

Celebrities and Star CEOs and Investors make  money because they focus in areas where money grows AND they prioritize their engagements to the things that they love to do that will pay off bigger for their brains and their bank accounts.

Celebrities, smart executives and investors  do their homework and they build teams of helpers to leverage their expertise, their success and their return on investment. Then they repeat, and repeat and repeat.  They also have mentors, coaches and advisors and they learn from them. You CAN do this too.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book, The Outliers, talks about the 10,000 Hour Rule. Gladwell contends that it takes more than 10,000 hours of doing something with passion to become an expert.  I content that is how much time it used to take in MY generation.... but it does not have to take 50 years to become famous, or even 10,000 hours of practicing your craft to develop a commercial expertise and reputation of being great at what you do and what you love to do.  It can be done faster and with more effectiveness than ever before with todays tools of technology and the resources available to you on line today.       Yes, today, and starting this very hour if you choose to make it happen!        How?   read more......

How do you become a pro? An expert?

Practice, practice and more practice.

 It takes focus and commitment and you can't do it easily. Not too many shortcuts but thanks to technology we can speed up the 10,000 hour rule. With time and determination to continue growing and getting better, you will almost always net a deeper expertise. When you combine this with modern technology and Moore's law of exponential knowledge, we'll soon be able to become expert at most things in less than one year of intense study!

Imagine one year to your dream job!  This is possible, if you focus and decided what you want and work diligently to make it real!     Not too much to ask is it? For a dream job?

Focus Matters
So does talent, time investment and connections.

Financial and career success usually starts with a clue about your own personal "gifts," your natural talents and life's desires and sometimes even a bucket list!

Too young to make a bucket list? I think everyone can use ONE!
What's a bucket list? (+ see below for help)

Everyone can make a bucket list
Take a Personal Inventory.

What do you have to offer?

 What dreams do you have for yourself and your family that can be accomplished in the next year? Before the end of your life?

What is holding you back?   Don't let a need for perfection stop you from getting started on a more passionate life and career success.     This is not a magic bullet....success does take work but there is no ceiling on your personal success potential and their is no term limit on how much you can learn when you are driving your own career.

Everyone can benefit from taking stock of their goals in life and their personal assets in this economy.

Write Down Your Career Wishes and Goals right now.
Make a list of the things you want in your next job.    Perhaps it will include a new job or simply things you want to do to make the next job better.   Ill talk more about your goal list in a future blog....leave me some comments about your own list.  What more would you like to know or say about this topic?    I appreciate your input!

Who Benefits by Making a Goal list?      Then the Action Plan and People Needed to help make it happen?
Everyone can benefit by making a goal list and an action plan.

Is anything too big to ask for?   Maybe not....... ask Jane Goodall.   Once a child who dreamed of traveling to Africa.

One of my favorite icons is Dr. Jane Goodall. Dr. Goodall dreamed of moving from England to Africa to study the animals. To hear her tell it, she used to read and watch about Tarzan and Jane while a young person, and she fantasized about being THE Jane..... she loved the animals from her earliest memories. When Jane was a young woman, she had the opportunity to travel to Africa with her mother under the research program of Dr. Louis Leakey.  She was not an expert then. 

  Jane was a young woman with passion and over the years she developed deep expertise, she practiced her craft and now more than fifty years later she is known around the world as not only one of the world's great primatologists, animal and environmental experts but also a the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador of Peace.          For Jane this took a life time and a contract with National Geographic to "tell the world" about Africa, the chimps and her passion for empowering local people to protect their environments.     

I had the privledge of serving on the board of the Jane Goodall Institute board of directors for six years and I learned so much about economic development in Africa and in igniting youth around the world.  Jane illuminated these areas for me and her board and frankly for millions of other people via her youth programs at  http://www.rootsandshoots.org/   and her work for microfinance and sustainable farming and economic development via eco tourism.     If you are not familiarl with her work in this area, please visit the website of  http://www.janegoodall.org/   

If  you have an extra minute,  you can watch Dr. Jane greet audiences...... chimpanzee style at her website.    Is there any doubt that she is passionate about her work?

I am humbled by a recent endorsement that Dr. Jane Goodall gave me about my work with her board and about me:

"Patty definitely shares many of my ideas for a better fairer world. She joined the board of the Jane Goodall Institute USA in 2003 and soon became a valuable member, embracing and advocating our mission. She helped to develop TACARE (our community conservation program in Tanzania) and Roots & Shoots (our conservation and humanitarian education program for young people of all ages), now active in over 125 countries.

A few years ago, when JGI was in a transitional period between CEOs, we counted on Patty’s professional help. I know that we will have Patty’s support in the years ahead for her interest in our work is undimmed.

Thank you Patty."
  Jane Goodall PhD, DBE
Founder – the Jane Goodall institute & UN Messenger of Peace http://www.janegoodall.org/

Thank you Jane!   

+ What's a Bucket List?What do you want to do before you 'kick the bucket'?
Why not make a list of your life goals and get help from friends and the BucketList (see bucketlist.net) community in fulfilling your goals?
1. Make a list of your life goals.
2. Bring joy to others by helping.
3. Live your dream and find joy in your life.
4. Give credit to those who have helped you.

This blog is not affiliated nor does it receive compensation from bucketlist.net, we just thought it was a useful resource and wanted to let you know about this on line service.

It does not matter if you are a CEO coming out of retirement after a home run or a business setback or if you are a new college graduate, you are likely to be more effective and land in happier places if you are clear about your passions and your life's goals.
int, they mostly do what they love and they allow their passions to drive their education, their network and their commitments.  They try to stear clear of treadmills, balls and chains and mills of any type. They try to stear clear of treadmills, balls and chains and mills of any type. Why do they make so much money?  Not all of them do, but the folks who earn six and seven figures have discovered the cash flows and how to tap into them for recurring revenue streams.

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