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Update and Free Seminar Offer from Bernadette Doyle

One of my favorite new-economy international entrepreneurs is Bernadette Doyle.   Her value is always obvious, right out front and she blends enough free advice and good tips with her marketing message that I never seem to mind.   Prayers were answered when her son showed enough progress on his recent illness to come home from the hospital.         

Here's her update and a great free seminar she is offering next Tuesday.   Check the times, since she is located in Ireland and the seminar airs in Los Angeles at noon.
Patty DeDominic
Coach to High Achievers  
a proud member of the RBC network     

After 3 long weeks in hospital, my son JJ is finally home!

We still have daily trips to the hospital for foreseeable future. That smile on my face is happiness and relief at finally having my whole family back under one roof. (My elder son Benan spent the 3 weeks with one of my
aunts who lives 250 miles away.)

I feel like I've had mastery level tuition in balancing work and family over the past month, and as you'd expect, this experience will have a profound impact on how I conduct my business and what I teach from now on.

As a result of this experience I am redesigning my entire business. I've got plenty of juicy insights to share with you over the coming months, but to start with I'm kicking things off with a special Masterclass on one of my favourite business strategies.

This is my way of saying 'thank you' to all my clients and subscribers for your love and support over the past few weeks.

Featured Article:

Are You Making Tough Decisions Out of Fear or In Faith?

Given all the upheaval over the past few weeks, with JJ being hospitalised over 100 miles from home, there were plenty of stress and challenges to deal with, but one thing I didn't have to worry about during all that time was money. That's largely because of one important strategy that I implemented in my business 4 years ago.

It helped me triple my business then, and is still a strategy I use today that plays a vital part in the overall health of my business. I love to teach this strategy to new business owners because it can literally catapult them into the 'big league' overnight. I've also successfully taught this strategy to experienced business owners to help them take their business to the next level. So whether you are just getting started or have been in business for some time, this strategy will work for you.

It's my most informative AND FUNNY, yes funny video yet! Join me on this private interview with best selling author, Steven Sonsino. I promise you, you'll learn and laugh with Steven as I guide him to his £500,000 goal. We talk challenges, "scaredness", reams, possibilities and results. It's all about creating a profitable online business.

Watch here:

After our session Steven says "this has helped me in more ways than you can imagine" ... AND it's going to help you too.

>>> P.S. Also, please send me a comment - do you think I'm being gentle with Steven Sonsino or am I being BRUTAL as he claims! Love to know your thoughts on that.

Client Success Stories

Zero to a £100k within 12 months!

My new business, Bombshell Academy only started in January and I help Wedding Suppliers with their marketing. Up until then I was a Wedding Planner and I used Bernadette’s tools and inspiration to grow that business from virtually nothing to a £100k a year business within about 12 months. Since January (I sold my Wedding planning business in October 2010) I've been helping other Wedding people do the same.

Before using Bernadette’s strategies, I was struggling to get new clients, converting them and was not making much money at all. I introduced a sign up procedure and was able to start converting people to paying clients. My subscribers went from about 12 to over 500 within a few months and from those I was converting about one every 10 days into a client, with an average spend of about £2500! Within 12 months I went from having 6 weddings booked for the following year to 27 ! Another strategy I introduced was the “high-end package”. My standard wedding planning packages started at £3000 and I introduced a super deluxe package for £9000, yes, three times my usual rate ! It was scarey stuff and I was convinced no one would go for the package but when I introduced it in the June I sold 2 of these packages within the first months! Just 2 sales brought me the revenue the work of my usual 6 sales!!!

The biggest benefit is that it made the whole thing of getting new clients much easier - it was no longer an arduous task of chasing customers, it became an automated system that got me clients with no effort at all. The changes I implemented turned my business around from 20k a year to over £100k and also enabled me to sell that business last year (for a nice sum I can't disclose! lol) to spend more time at home working ever more effortlessly!

The biggest personal change is that I'm expecting my first child in October and I know I won’t have to be working all hours around it, my business will still be bringing in money and ticking over while I'm caring for my new baby. My biggest discovery is that business doesn't have to be really hard work - it can effortless if you set it up right. My advice to others - do it and follow it to the letter and it can't fail!

Claire Dobinson

Have you ever had the feeling that you need to do something, and you need to do something now!
That is an example of a pressing need. Too often a pressing need drives a desperation that can cloud your judgment when making decisions. When it is a desperate need that drives and guides you when making a decision, instead of a desire of your heart, you could be making a big mistake. What you think is taking a leap of faith, may actually be a leap of fear. But a leap is always scary, so how do you know the difference?

1. Start by Being Honest With Yourself …

Taking a leap of faith is putting your trust in something that you believe in. You take action because you have a level of confidence that it will work out. Yes, there maybe some fear mixed in there because there is no guarantee that it will work out. But it is faith mixed with fear, it is not panic and fear. This is something that you cannot fake and you need to really be honest with yourself. If you examine your motives you should quickly be able to figure out if you are making the decision in faith or out of fear. The problem with taking a leap out of fear is that your heart is not really in it. It is something you feel you MUST do rather than something you have a desire to do.

Acting out of fear also shows desperation. When you are desperate you won’t be thinking clearly. You will have this huge problem hanging over your head making you worry. So any decisions you make at that point will be clouded by the problem you are facing. You will be thinking of the consequences of not taking the leap rather than the benefits of taking the leap.

Get the rest of my tips when you read the whole article here. And please remember to post me a comment. I’d love to hear how you plan to use these tips in your own business.

To read more about it, not to mention lots of success stories, go here:

About Bernadette

Bernadette Doyle created Client Magnets Ltd to help self-employed people solve one of their biggest business problems: attract a steady stream of clients.

Formerly a full-time training consultant, Bernadette built an impressive corporate client list and delivered sales training all over the world. But she soon became disillusioned with trading her time for money and wanted to seek out new ways to profit from her expertise.

Since then she has made the transition from full time consultant to information marketer, relocated to Ireland and now runs her business part time so she can devote more time to raising her two sons.

Bernadette has attracted a loyal following who rave about her down to earth yet inspiring approach. If you liked today's issue, you'll love Bernadette's marketing and success training products and programmes to help you develop a business that suits YOUR preferred lifestyle.

Bernadette Doyle publishes her weekly Client Magnets newsletter for trainers, coaches, consultants, complementary therapists and solo professionals. If you want to get clients calling you instead of you calling them, then get your free tips now at

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