Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ali Asadi, MBA, MA(IT) An Active Business Consultant from

Ali Asadi, MBA, MA(IT) Offers some advice for entrepreneurs who want to improve their businesses that is alos useful for job hunters too!    Edits and additions by Patty DeDominic

The following are some rules to improve your business:

1) You should never stop thinking how to improve your business.  (Or your skill set!)

2) Go through every single cost of your business to see if you can do it more cost efficiently.  (Let employers know that this is one of the ways you want to be of service to them too,  not just in making money which is very important, but in saving money too.   A dollar not spent sometimes means that $20.00 of revenue burden is reduced.)

3) Network instead of paying for advertising. (Actually, I feel that you should do both, but along with the thoughts above about saving money, networking is an activity that can really boost your effectiveness and your reach if you do it professionally and strategically.  Networking is not simply handing out business cards or asking people for theirs.)

4) Sometimes, outsourcing is much cheaper and efficient than doing the job by yourself.  (Know that it is an option to outsource, so your department must be highly effective and efficient to keep the work in house.     In order to survive today, companies must look for ways to maximize productivity and return on investment.)

5) Treat your employees like your best customers. (Treat your colleagues as if they were your best boss!)

6) Keep promises. (Under Promising and over delivering assures you will get called back much more often than your competition.)

7) Provide learning procedure for your employees. (People who keep all the information to themselves create a false dependency that will not be sustainable.  Smart people leave user friendly trails!)

8) If you are wrong, apologize.

9) Ask for feedback.

10) Please let me know this one based on your own experience

Ali Asadi, MBA, MA(IT)

Business Consultant

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