Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Teachers, Mentors and Musicians Wanted and Needed! by Patty DeDominic

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Patty DeDominic

In spite of millions of people out of work..... some great programs still need people to step forward and share their gifts.   There are hundreds of thousands of jobs going unfilled every week.     If people really
want to find work....... there are plenty of opportunities out there.    Here's an example for part time teachers......

Dear Musicians and Music Educators,

I write to inform you about a brand new music education program in Santa Barbara, CA that is currently looking to fill a few part-time after-school teaching jobs at Franklin Elementary School . The program is poised to begin late 2010 and run through the 2010-11 school year and into the future.

For the past few years, the Incredible Children's Art Network has been sponsoring and designing in-school elementary level visual art programs. These art programs have been extremely successful, providing weekly art classes to children from kindergarten to 6th grade at five elementary schools in Santa Barbara. Students have flourished, creating works that fill the halls of their schools and are true sources of pride. This past summer, the members of ICAN decided to expand our vision to include an ensemble-based music program, inspired primarily by the longterm success and vibrancy of the él Sistema movement in Venezuela. Él Sistema is perhaps best known for producing talents such as Gustavo Dudamel, but it is more noteworthy for its commitment to social change, and the belief that ensemble music education can nurture children into becoming complete and compassionate individuals.

We are both humbled and inspired by él Sistema's proven example, and we seek to create our own version of this here in Santa Barbara, starting with a pilot after-school program at Franklin Elementary School. We have already seen interest from around 45 families of first and second graders, and we plan to grow as their children do, expanding upwards as they get older and adding a new crop of younger children each year. The program is currently set to take place for two hours after school every monday-thursday, and we hope this frequency will accelerate the forming of bonds between students, their teachers, and their music. We are also planning to explore frequent performing opportunities, and as a result, our teaching will focus on the personal and social benefits that are proven elements of ensemble learning and practice; students will be part of a choir, a rhythm ensemble, and an orchestra.

In order to accomplish all of this, our most vital resource is people. We are looking for instrumentalists and vocalists who are confident in their interpersonal abilities as well as their musicianship. We seek teachers who are interested in creating a program that provides a positive and lasting impact on the lives of children, with music as the vehicle.

We are asking interested candidates to apply through a website, hiring.icansbc.org, which explains the program more fully. There is also a video provided that we ask you to take the time to watch: it is a poignant and inspiring account of the principles behind él Sistema described by its founder, José Antonio Abreu, who won a TED prize two years ago. He is far better than I at describing the power music can have in the lives of children.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Adam Johnston

Program Director, Music Program at ICAN

ICAN- Incredible Children's Art Network

cell: 973.202.8715


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