Saturday, October 9, 2010

Developing Basic Computer Literacy by Patty DeDominic

Don't get left behind.   

You can become Computer Literate in no time.   Many FREE computer trainings on line!   

Plenty of  people in their PRIME feel like the world of work is leaving them behind where it comes to job skills and the computer!  If you have been out of work for a while, or worked at the same company in a non technology related job,  you may feel like you have a mountain to climb just to get competitive.

  Where to get help? Having a teenager at home will help....but for some of us, the kids left the nest years ago and grandkids may be too young or too far away to coach us!    

Some  baby boomers and seniors are totally frustrated.  They may be trying to figure out how to search for jobs on line or just get called back for interviews.  Technological advances make it more important to be able to conquer basic computer skills.   You CAN do this.  

Where to start? Learning new skills can be exciting but it can also become a daunting task if you don't know where to start.  You want to begin learning all the computer basics in order  to work in today's office. Below is a  checklist of things to think about before you launch your job hunt.

    Computer Essentials

The Computer Keyboard.   Learn your way around.   Typing at 40 words per minute or more
will be very helpful in all you do.

Microsoft Word and Excel,   Two tools which enable you to save time, make wonderful documents which used to take professional artists to create.   You can make charts, graphs, special fonts, headlines and headers with ease.     Learn to Cut/Paste or Copy documents too.   This can save hours and enable you to share information with others with ease.

Outlook Email, enables you to send receive mail and files.   You can have task lists, reminders and color code your priority messages.  You can create rules which allow you to send memo and emails into folders so you can read when you have time.

Filesharing,  with Google docs or GoToMeeting enables you to share information and work with others without having to be in the same room.   I have been having meetings regularly with Asia and Canada, Europe and Africa..... all on line using Skype or GoTo    

Learning to be computer literate is a skill you can learn
on your own and there is  FREE  or very reasonably price help on line.    

 Try     This is a fantastic resource for all who want technology to become their
friend.     This company works hard to make learning fun and easy.    They offer thousands of on line courses broken into easy to digest segments.  Many are free.     Enjoy!

Job Hunting 101 Checklist

Resume Updated                            _____
Resume Proofread                          _____
References Prepared                      _____
Computer Skills Updated               _____
Transportation Arranged                _____
Prepared and Able to Work            _____
Strengths & Weaknesses Defined  _____
Proper Attire for the Job                _____
Attitude Adjusted & Focused        _____
Mentors or Job Counselors            _____

Tally Your Score                            _____

Most people score 5 or less when they make their first call or email to get an interview.    If you scored 7 or less, you have your work cut out for you.   If you scored 8-9 then you can be ready in two days or less.   If scored 10, congratulations.  You are well on your way to getting interviews.

Want to learn more about what is happening in jobs in your region, city or state?  Click on this link for government information on jobs.

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