Friday, April 2, 2010

See Jane in Your Town! | the Jane Goodall Institute

See Jane Goodall in Your Town! the Jane Goodall Institute

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 Many of my readers know that I enjoy working with top professionals in their fields.  I have been fortunate over my 30 year career to work with some of the world's leading subject matter experts.  Watching a pro in action and helping them achieve are two of my favorite things to do!
I enjoyed serving on Jane Goodall Institute board of directors for six years. Gene and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Africa with Jane and other important environmental leaders.  Seeing Dr. Jane Goodall in her element was an incredible experience.   It was certainly enough to keep me motivated to help her raise money and grow her institute multifold over the next few years.  

When we were in Africa, we stayed in the workers camp, ate at Jane's home at Gombe National Park
and sat with her on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.  One day we went out to view the chimpanzees  and got the show of our lives as the chimps walked among us, just a few feet away.    We noticed that the animals
seemed to know "Jane was in town" as they magically appeared from the dark reaches of the jungle and
called to each other...and seemingly to her.       It was an awesome experience and if you have not yet
met Jane Goodall I really encourage you to go to one of her lectures soon.     

When we were at Gombe National Park, we climbed to the top of "Jane's Peak" (she was in better shape than all of us!). This is the 50th anniversary of Jane's groundbreaking research and passion for Gombe. It is also her birthday month.... and in her mid 70's she is still climbing around the peaks of Africa and traveling the world hundreds of days each year.    She is truly an amazing woman and one who has devoted her life to making the world a better place.  

I encourage you to support Roots & Shoots the global youth program now reaching young
people in over 80 countries and to help support the vision of a better world.

Patty DeDominic  
Helping Achievers Soar

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