Friday, April 2, 2010

Make Money on the Internet? Learn How With a Real Product Launch Innercircle

Do you know anyone who would want to be part of a groundbreaking,
 sneak peek experience where two business and marketing experts discuss
development of their next multi-media product?

Do you know a frustrated subject matter expert who would benefit from the step-by-step
 methods that could transform their knowledge into money in their pocket?

Do you know anyone, whose retirement has been derailed due to bad investments?

Recent Bureau of Labor studies have shown that our nations unempoyment rate is still about 10%  and fewer than 20 %  of American workers have savings for retirement of over $50,000.  According to recent BLS reports, the percentage job decrease for the Nation as whole was 5.3 percent over the same period (September 2008 to September 2009).

The largest decline in employment levels occurred in Los Angeles, Calif. (‑278,000), followed by the counties of Maricopa, Ariz. (‑155,000), Cook, Ill. (‑140,100), Orange, Calif. (‑126,400), and New York, N.Y. (‑125,100). Combined employment losses in these five counties over the year totaled 824,600 or 11.6 percent of the employment decline for the entire United States.

Employment declined in 329 of the 334 largest U.S. counties from September 2008 to September 2009.

The BLS Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages program produced these data, which are preliminary and subject to revision. Data presented here are for all workers covered by State and Federal unemployment insurance programs. The largest counties are those with employment levels of 75,000 or more. To learn more, see "County Employment and Wages: Third Quarter 2009" (PDF) (HTML), news release 10-0393.

How do you turn it around?
You create internet income from your ideas.

 How do you start?
 Become a fly-on-the-wall during someone else's product launch!

Take this multi-media 45 day, inner circle privileges course
 and experience a case study live – as it unfolds.

How To Value Yourself product launch inner circle – 45 day multimedia course,
features social entrepreneurs Patty DeDominic and Dr. Nina Craft (Dr. Neen) as they launch their next venture. They will be using their business expertise to launch a product on the internet.

 Internet business consultant, Dr. Neen, a multi-book author, will coach her co-author, Patty DeDominic to leverage her expertise in career placement, as she navigates the internet and launches her second book using the latest technology tools. This will be a co-authoring venture with possible creation of multiple products along the way. You'll learn about social media and how to apply it to YOUR idea as well!

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