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HR Watches the Office, Comments by Patty DeDominic


When the company might be imploding

Hosted by Matt Dubno, Originally published on December 18th, 2009

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Dunder Mifflin is in major financial trouble and the company is now being sold. According to CFO David Wallace, he and all the other executives are going to be canned, but the Scranton office will be okay. However, in tough times, you never know what can happen. A bad economy and corporate restructuring can lead to any number of possibilities.

For any professional, the chance of losing one’s job requires preparation for the future. For the HR team of any transitioning company, each HR professional has to look out for their personal career while maintaining responsibilities within their current crashing company. It’s a tough circumstance.

In this episode we talk with career coach and veteran business manager Patty DeDominic, founder and president of the specialized consulting group DeDominic & Associates. We’ll discuss what Dunder Mifflin employees, real-life professionals, and HR teams can do to make the best out of a really bad situation.

Patty DeDominic's Comments on What To Do Next!

“It’s a Christmas miracle!”

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