Sunday, January 17, 2010

Go For the Offer Patty DeDominic on the 2010 Job Market

Go For the Offer,    Create Your Own Future

I  haven't met anyone with a real crystal ball....but I sure have met quite a few people who invest time imagining the future and then working to create the one they want to make happen.

Today I want to share the experience with an job candidate I'll call "Roger".  (made up name to protect the candidate identity)   This young man exemplified everything the most professional job seeker could do to "go for the offer".   He was a shining example of a true gentleman and  is someone who  made a lasting impression on me, and I am sure on others he comes in contact with.

  Roger was applying for a position with the International Women's Festival. That position  turned out to be a temporary one.. which might turn into full time at a later date.  But for the next few months it is part time and could end in March of this year.   " Roger"  responded to a notice we posted on Craig's List for an executive assistant and office manager.      "Roger" had all the office skills we had requested and he had more than what was expected in the enthusiasm department.    He followed up with a phone call to arrange his appointment and had followed the email-your-resume instructions to a "T".   He did a quick written follow up... nothing nagging or desperet sounding, just a professional "ping" to make sure he stayed in our radar.

He Got the invite to the interview..... first a phone screen then an in person meeting.   First Base, the hoped-for call back.

He showed up to his interview on time with a most positive attitude.

When asked about his office skills and experience he responded positively with a confident smile and with some specific examples of his past experience and how he could help with some of our important projects.    He had done his homework and had combed the Women's Festivals website and he had done some background on the people he was interviewing with.   Now Roger did not have much experience in putting on a major women's empowerment conference but he did not let that stop him.... he had been involved in conferences before, he also talked about his other transferable skills like organizing, follow up and computer spreadsheets, tracking and trouble shooting - all skills that are needed by this employer.

Roger exhibited the most positive "assumed consent" attitude that is so important in today's job market.    With out being over confident, he expressed a positive outlook and his words expressed in every way his desire to become a member of the team.

During the interview he asked questions...not too many, but plenty when he was asked if he had any.    Roger asked about earnings potential for the future, he asked about hours, dress expectations, overtime and other conditions which an informed professional would be expected to know.  Without being too pushy he "qualified us" and learned as much as he could about the longer term potential and the short term opportunity.

Roger got the job offer.......    and was given a day or two to think it over.   After due consideration he was pondering another offer which offered full time, "permanent" employment which he felt would turn into a more positive career path for himself.

One of the things I want you to take away from this is that he kept the conversations most positivie and "went for the offer"   He received an offer of part time, temporary employment and even though it was not the ideal he was most gracious and when it came time to determine  GO or NO GO.. he came to meet with me in person to thank me for the offer!

In the end, Roger decided to accept one of the other offers which also received that week.    We aren't going to benefit by his experience (at the time) on this particular project... but he sure did leave the most positive of impressions.      When he told me that he had decided to accept the other offer and not ours, he did so with a smile and sincere appreciate for the time invested in his as a serious candidate for the job.    

Roger left a lasting impression.      We are quite sure the he is going to be extremely successful as he continues to build his career and his network.   He went for the offer... he got it but he also knew how to gracefully accept the offer which appeared to better meet his career needs at this time.     

You can bet, we'll always be taking his calls and his referrals.   And we can only hope that this employer also left a positive impression on this professional young man - as we definitely want him to accept our calls in the future!    Roger.. and all of you men and women out there...  go for it.. Create your own future... and keep those doors open.

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