Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Candace Davies on Tips for Teachers

Learn from your teachers!   Even if you are not applying for a job in education or training, this
example is wise advice.       Candace Davies has an active website and advises teachers, professors
and administrators about the best opportunities in Education.

Presenting a Sample Lesson During a Job Interview

When applying for a teaching job, you may find that some

employers will ask you to conduct a sample lesson. This is

something that some hiring committees like to include as part of

the interview process, it get an understanding of your classroom

presentation skills.

In order to prepare for a sample lesson, the first step is to

practice at home. If possible, ask a friend or family member to

watch your presentation so they can give you feedback on your

performance. Ask them to be completely honest, hiding areas for

improvement are not going to help you. If there is something that

you do or say which needs improvement, you can correct it before

you get to the interview.

When you get to the interview, conduct your lesson exactly as

you would in a real classroom; your actions will show the

potential interviewers exactly why you are the right person for

the job. Ensure you show passion and enthusiasm.

Are you ready for the job interview? It will either make or

break your chances of a job offer. If you fail to plan… you

plan to fail. This is true and I have seen it happen to extremely

qualified educators. You don’t need to let the same thing happen to you.

So… get ready to ace the interview by clicking on the links below.


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