Thursday, July 2, 2009

Randi Smith-Todorowski, An Arizona Woman on a Martial Arts Mission!

Randi Smith-Todorowski
3rd Degree Black Belt In Life

This is from Randi's company, Atlas Martial Arts Newsletter:

The giant oak is an acorn that held its ground.

Just as an acorn is able to reach its greatest potential by defying all odds and staying firm, we all have the ability to do the same. As Peter Walsh so boldly states, "Dream Big and Dream Often." Start with self awareness. You must have a clear vision. The only person who will get you where you want to be is you.

What does your giant oak tree look like? Do you wish to be a Broadway dancer, a professional athlete, philanthropist, teacher, stay at-home mom, successful entrepreneur or just a happier person? Begin with the end in mind.

I love the story of Tony Hsieh. He helped start, In 2008, Zappos booked $1 billion in gross sales. Today the idea of selling shoes online is thought unorigin al. However, in 1999, only 10 years ago, investors were quick to pass on this idea, denouncing there was no evidence it would work. I repeat, in 2008, Zappos booked $1 BILLION in gross sales. Clearly he had a vision and held his ground.

Each day we risk being thrown off course by negative thinking, distractions and other people's problems and opinions. Unless, of course, you have a Black Belt In Life Attitude; you are so clear and focused on your vision that nothing stands in your way.

Last year in an effort to make the world a better place, we launched Atlas Online and introduced the idea of distance learning Kung Fu. Just like Zappos, our idea was beat down by traditional thinkers. Although, we can transmit information at warp speeds and earn an MBA online, we were told our idea would never work. Today, we are proud to have global presence and help others feel better, look better and live better around the world. What began as tutorial streamed videos has blossomed into full online certifications.

Looking at an acorn for the first time, you would never imagine its potential. Do you know yours? Does the stuff you do today, help you create the life you want? You can read about vision boards, positive thinking, laws of attraction and manifesting what you want, or you can take action and make it happen!

Be the acorn that becomes the giant oak.

Today is the first day of the second half of 2009.
Don't wait for next year to try again, games are won and lost in the 2nd half.

Make 2009 the year that you power your dream!

All great things come from a seed, tangible or intangible.

As the Chinese proverb goes-The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.
The second best time is now.

If an acorn can become a giant oak tree, an online shoe company can gross over $1 Billion a year and martial arts can be learned online, you can develop the tenacity to reach your dreams.

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