Friday, July 17, 2009

DeDominic on How Smart Women Keep Their Job!

How Smart Women Keep their JOB
Top Tips of the Most Valuable Team Members

1. Stay alert to the “jungle drums” and on your feet!
2. Don’t wait for instructions, move forward towards company and department goals.
3. Remain flexible as changes are likely to come faster and more radically.
4. Ask for a meeting with your boss to get input on how you can add more value. Listen carefully.
5. Make recommendations for both cost savings and capturing strategic opportunities for your employer.
6. Try to look at the big picture while focusing on your own small part of the overall situation. Seeing both will enable you to come up with solution and avoid roadblocks more often.

Here is the detail

1. Stay Alert to the Jungle Drums!
Regarding staying alert, we found that people who kept their eyes and ears open but their mouths guarded fared better in chaotic work situations. CEO’s commented that they wanted people who were quick on the uptake but also able to make changes on a dime when necessary.

2. Don’ sit back and wait for instructions.
Supervisors usually appreciate and notice initiative. Make sure you know which direction your ship is headed and then set your sails for the company destination. Daily work towards the mission and directives, asking for feedback and giving feedback along the way.

3. Flexibility is key to being able to adapt to changes.
It is not “IF things change” but “WHEN” things change and how fast they change. Those who can swiftly adapt and assist management in persuading others to change rapidly are very valuable.

4. Get regular input!
Asking for the meeting shows you care and that you want to do more to help. People often get caught up in the doing and forget that planning will have payoffs IF you are clear on the priorities and have a process in place to communicate those priorities, urgent issues and special circumstances. Listen a lot……

5. Tough times call for innovative ideas both in the making money and in the savings areas. Think about ways you might make some positive changes if you owned the company and ask your boss about the feasibility of implementing some of those ideas. Careful not to criticize and try posing some more radical suggestions in the form of questions like “What do you think the result would be if we…….?”

6. Big picture thinking while still being able to deliver on your deadlines and important projects is critical. When you know what the desired end state is you can help with time savings processes and people.

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