Monday, May 25, 2009

Health Care to Become the Next Trillion Dollar Industry

The Retail Healthcare Revolution,
by Tony Paquin, CEO, Paquin Healthcare

The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

Tony has written a new book which is available Now on

In his book, The Retail Healthcare Revolution, Tony Paquin upends traditional thinking about healthcare strategy. He demonstrates that short of a revolution in the current reimbursement-based healthcare industry, hospitals will continue to be economically unmanageable in their complexity.

Retail, consumer-driven healthcare, ultimately offers a breakthrough in the midst of this industry-wide economic crisis.

“Tony Paquin's The Retail Healthcare Revolution introduces you to the expanding new world of Retail Healthcare with elegance, clarity and concrete examples. His solutions and proposals will be implemented by healthcare organizations that want to survive and thrive in the 21st Century.” — GARY STRACK, FORMER PRESIDENT AND CEO OF TWO MAJOR HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS

“Tony Paquin is the definitive expert for Retail Healthcare and the guiding force for many of the strategies we are investing in currently. Retail Healthcare is a strong pathway to the future of shaping healthcare at North Shore-LIJ and we are privileged to partner with Tony, who challenges our thinking and advances our business models to meet the needs of the contemporary healthcare consumer.” — CHARLES TRUNZ, PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER, VIVO HEALTH, INC., A DIVISION OF NORTH SHORE-LIJ HEALTH SYSTEM

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