Monday, November 3, 2008

Tough Times call for "A Beginners Mind" Attitude

A Confident New Beginning

These challenging times are a great opportunity for us to develop our ‘beginner’s mind.’ By removing preconceptions of how things should be we open to new possibilities. A beginner’s mind attitude combined with the confidence that comes from a focus on actions and results will multiply your results.

In Leadership,

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Authentic Leadership™


Anonymous said...

There is an old adage that you can't get a job unless you have experience, and you can't get experience unless you've had a job! I am glad you suggest we take a fresh look at things... with "a beginners mind" if you will.

Anonymous said...

Please take a few minutes to compose one to three paragraphs of The first things to do, when you've been laid off.
Losing ones' job through company shut down, down sizing, re-location, etc. can be one of life's most horrible nightmares. But it doesn't have to be a nightmare even though it is one of life's most unpleasant episodes. I've been through this episode 5 times. Here's my advice to those who are experiencing a job loss:

Before embarking on a job search plan of action there are several items to be considered immediately upon losing your job: are you getting a severance package?: will your benefits be continued with the severance package?: is your employer providing any assistance in resume writing, placement services, job loss counseling and guidance in applying for State Unemployment or Disability benefits? This is vital for you to know before doing anything.

After losing your job you are going to be going through a dark period of depression, worry, anger, self doubt and lack of confidence even though what has just occurred was not your fault in any way shape or form. So before starting a job search you have got to get all of the aforementioned negatives out of your system. You really need a positive mentor to help you and guide you past this before proceeding to finding the job paths that are there for you. Believe me there are always job paths, career paths open but in a depressed state of mind you won't even see them.

In finding not just a job but the "right Job", you have to break away from what everybody else is doing. No one knows you better than yourself, therefore no one can market or sell you to an employer better than yourself. You are going to hear from the "recruiting experts" that you must prepare a resume that has all the "key words", proper set up and lay out, etc. Well let me tell you that you will hear all kinds of different advice from the "recruiting experts". There are several major problems, 1.) The recruiters can not hire you. 2.) Employers need the best possible "workers", not the best resume writers.

Before writing your resume thoroughly complete an employment application form. The employment application form contains everything that you must provide to an employer before being considered to be hired. It will also greatly assist you in writing your resume. Besides marketing your resume through Monster, Career Builders, Cal Jobs, etc. You have to be creative and do what the other job seekers are not doing and that is to go directly to the employers. Doing this implements networking and other strategic actions that unfortunately I haven't written yet.

The key elements in finding another job is first - not to forget how you got the job you have now - do it again! Also utilize every job finding resource available to you, I.e., One Stop Centers, Cal Jobs, Recruiters, Friends, Family, Your present employers assistance, etc.

Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Do not ever give up because you will never lose if you don't give up.

Patty, if I can be of personal help to anyone who needs me all they have to do is call me and mention your name.

-Armando- (951) 533-6601 - CELL (562) 406-8697 - RES

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