Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dr. Adele Scheele on Fantasy Jobs

Getting laid off can be a great opportunity to pursue your fantasy career. But before you dive in to that acting class, cooking school, or graduate program in medieval literature, you need to do some soul-searching and some practical research too. Take a hard look at why you want this fantasy career, what it will take to attain it, and how you will feel once you have it.
Remember that finding a challenging job or career requires drive, time, and perseverance. The following are some avenues to explore (simultaneously) BEFORE you make your choice:

Get an internship in that field – a perch to watch what other people do, and to make some friends who might mentor you “mailroom syndrome.”

Ask alumni association for the names of people from your school who are in the field of your interest. Contact them, and mine them for information.

Research companies where you might want to work and ask anyone you know if they know anyone who works there.

Before you embark on a new career, you must get as much information as possible. You want to avoid investing in a career that turns out to be something other than what you expected or fantasized about. After your exploratory research, if you conclude that your fantasy career is a realistic career for you, all of the research you have done will make you move up faster.

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