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Key Words in your Resume, by Nita Busby


Patty DeDominic says that resumes are your passport to finding your next job and to professionally representing yourself. Resumes don't make or break your career, rather they can serve as a screen
 IN OR OUT tool.  Since you want your resume to speak well for you, and not be used to screen you out, it pays to provide a professionally written resume and to use key words.

 Read below what expert resume writer 
Nita Busby has to say about Key Words Value.

Nita Busy, Professional Resume Writer Founding President Orange County Chapter of

 Key words in a resume and or cover letter lead to successful hiring procedures as judged by the applicant and the corporation’s hiring authority. The documents are received by a company interested in hiring someone for a particular position. The company receives resumes by holding job fairs, by email or regular advertising job opening or through some sort of networking system. The job seeker knows he/she needs to get his/her resume, often with a cover letter, attached, to the hiring authority. Once the resume is received, these days, it is posted into a corporate PC database categorized by specific job openings. When a sufficient number of resumes have been posted in the data base, a key word search is conducted. Resumes with noted key words are printed out and used by the hiring administration to contact that job seeker for an interview. See how simple this process is these days to choose applicants?

  Final tip: Research the desired places of employment and determine what key words will perhaps lead to an employment offer. Sample key words include “management” “leadership” “awards” “resolution” “profitability”.

 Written by Nita Busby, October 21, 2012
 Submitted to Patty DeDominic, Coach to High Achievers in California.

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