Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Panelists Wanted for a Virtual Conference on line now, 24/7

Hope your LABOR WEEK..... and the long weekend was terrific.

Here is  a special message regarding International Labor issues.   U.S. Special Representative for International Labor Affairs, Barbara Shailor.
http://youtu.be/v4zfWFBiP0g  Click this link for a You Tube from US Dept of Labor

Leadership Conference on Saturday Sept 8th at  Mt. St. Mary's Leadership Conference!

The Theme is Create, Connect and Commit to Change.  Join us...    
register at    http://www.msmc.la.edu/wlc   


 PANELISTS WANTED for a Virtual Panel at the California Women's Conference.    Please listen to my short video then log into Splore to join the conversation.   Today.... yes, it is virtual... 24/7 till Sept 24th, but do log in now... it only takes a minute and it is FREE.   Send me your bio and I will add it and tout you as a speaker too! 


Life Moments for Women

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Life Moments for Women: 100+ Extraordinary Women Share Turning Points in Their Lives
Co-Authors and Thought Leaders: Patty DeDominic & Maureen Ford
"The timeless messages in Life Moments for Women will resonate in the hearts of women and girls everywhere."
- Mariel Hemingway, Actress & Author
"Imagine being at a gathering of women where they are sharing their thoughts, their lives, giving and taking the hard earned wisdom of experience. Now imagine that the 100+ women are all exceptionally accomplished and experienced. When you read this book, you are welcomed into that wonderful circle."
- Marcy Carsey, Carsey-Werner Productions
Patty DeDominic and Maureen Ford welcome you into the unique circle of friendship, support and empowerment created by Life Moments for Women, the new book that has inspired an exciting online panel for the California Women’s Conference.
This compendium of stories about life, leadership, integrity, strength and courage offers a rare glimpse into the hearts and souls of 108 notable California women and instills greater awareness of the important roles that women can play in building a better world. Readers of all ages are encouraged to become unstoppable forces for change … now.
The authors invite you to become an unstoppable force for change too. Join Patty and Maureen and several other featured women on their continuing journey of learning and self-discovery. Think about it. Has there been a moment that changed your life? How? What insight did you gain from reading someone else’s story?
Join the discussion and keep the momentum going!

Congratulations LOGAN FRYE!

From a Happy Mom, thanking me for helping her son, a new college grad:

Today was Logan's first day at WORK!  Thank you go very much for taking him under your wings!
  He built confidence around each conversation with you.  Thank you always!

Ive gotten quite a few thanks and testimonials this past month.  Many new grads are now connecting with the first important career move.   
From Karen Frye, a happy Mom!

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Patty DeDominic
Author, Business Coast
Coaching Social Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and Founders Around the World.
co author. Life Moments for Women

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