Friday, May 6, 2011

Passivity Kills Your Job Opportunities, Write Your Resume Right! by Patty DeDominic

Will being PUSHY help you?

Depends on the type of job you are going after.  IF you are a CAR Salesperson you might fit the stereotype.  One thing I know for sure, getting jobs in today's climate is not for  PASSIVE people.

Somewhere between "given up" and "in your face" is the right place for you to be with your JOB assertiveness skills and in your resume writing.

  Your resume should be freshly updated and when possible, customized for the job your are applying to.  

One employer told me recently that of four candidates that an employment firm lined up for him to interview, two had resumes geared towards other types of jobs and industries completely.  Needless to say, this left a poor impression on the employer and the people did not get called back for a second interview or get job offers.

Learn as much as you can about the job and the employer before you apply.    This isn't always possible but at least once you know who the company is you can do on-line and in-person research to demonstrate that you are really interested.   Employers know that if you are not very proactive in the interview process that you are likely to be less active while employed.  Who can afford to hire chair warmers and clock watchers now a days?

Be sure to follow up with thanks and your expressions of interest after that phone or personal interview.    You never know about the employers needs until you ask them. but you can make some educated guesses and you can assume that  many people don't follow up.

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