Monday, December 13, 2010

The Straight and Narrow Path.....leads to straight and narrower places

I've been a bit worried about you lately. 
 It seems you may have lost your belief that you will make a big difference.  And for some of you, stuck in jobs you hate, you are beginning to cost the company a lot in lost opportunities.

Maybe it's time to take a different path. 
Wake up...and find something good to get excited about and expand your horizons and those of your employer while you are at it!   Try to have some fun too.   Pictured here with me is a friend from a very successful business organization. We were clowning around at a Halloween Party.   We had fun being silly..... and you can too.   Just don't get too laid back, unless you are a prince or an heir to an oil fortune, OK?

Get out there and Network....... Look for signs of intelligent life and go talk to those people who are busy.   You can identify trends and put yourself into the main stream with a little extra effort.   Business strategist and employment expert, Patty DeDominic warns that complacency in a job search will end up costing you plenty in lost income and reputation. You might feel like the odds are against you.... and they surely are if you stay at home and complain about the bad economy.   Get out There!

Timely Job Tips from DeDominic    -   Get Your Groovy Employment Upgrade in 2011

1. Sometimes you have to go out on the limb to get attention. 
 Attention grabbing for the sake of tooting your own horn is NOT a good thing..... but being assertive and having a sense of humor about yourself can go along way for your career. The view is better up here on the limb.

2. Remember to network.
 Stay in touch with high performing friends.    Misery loves company....and so too do good friends.   Choose where you invest your time wisely and make that net work for you.  

3. Elevate those contacts and friends who are on an upward track,
 their own success tracks; educate those friends about what you need and ask how you can help them too.

4. Eliminate those "psuedo friends" who bring you down,
 waste your time or who don't bring anything to the party.

Remember to circle back around, thanking the people who helped you along the way and giving feedback to those who gave you introductions, good advice or opened your eyes.   Those people are good connectors and they are the folks you want to stay in touch with..... ....... probably forever!

Call our office immediate if you need to be connected to a good career coach, DeDominic & Associates, in connection with RBC is certifying over 100 new coaches in the coming months and we can find the right  coach for you!
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