Thursday, August 12, 2010

Own the Whole Project by Patty DeDominic

"It' s not my job"      
Years ago...... there was a joke going around and lots of people thought it was funny
to proclaim that some (or almost every) aspect of their messed up corporate job was not their problem.   As a coach to boards of directors and company president's as well as successful entrepreneurs,    I am hearing more and more employers wishing that their staff would indeed "own the whole project"   or at least act like they understand that their work in part of a bigger picture.

Please... job seekers and those wondering when your next raise is coming. 
 Hear this advice:
Act as if you owned the company.  

Without "taking over" or becoming bossy, please take a look and try to understand
how your part of the project fits into the whole.       Please use caution and try never to
delegate back to your boss or sit and wait for added instructions before you can move a
project forward.  If you aren't sure what to do next,  please ASK.

Do not ever utter those words   "It's not my job"..... because your job may indeed hinge on
your being able to see the bigger picture and helping to make a difference beyond tasks you
may have been assigned.

Try it.....  You might like it!

Patty DeDominic
Coach to High Achieving Professionals.     

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