Sunday, May 2, 2010

Put Yourself in front of 90% of the other Job Hunters by Patty DeDominic


Want to move to the front of the line of qualified candidates?

Here are some tips to put yourself in front of 90% of your fellow job applicants!

Getting a job is like accomplishing most other goals but it is often harder to be objective about it because it is so personal. Many important aspects of our lives are included in our job and it can seem so much bigger than "just a goal like any other". It's our paycheck, our livelihood, our reason for leaving the house five or more days a week and for many people, a job or career is much of their life's identity.

When your whole identify and self confidence are wrapped up in what you do for a living, finding yourself unemployed can seem like a most traumatic event... Confidence shaken it can be almost impossible to be objective.    But Objectivity and clear goal setting techniques are very important tolls for the successful job candidates.

SET YOURSELF APART FROM and in front of the competition by doing your homework..... and a little homework and preparation will pay off big time.

Here's how to become more objective and how to engage goal setting techniques to apply to your job hunt. If you do ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly you will be better prepared to take the steps necessary to do your outreach, networking, prospecting, preparing and follow up.

Who is MY target Market? Which employers are likely to need my skills and where am I going to fit in for a win for them and for me?

Employers love it when the job candidate really wants to work for them and is a great fit. One of your goals is to look like a great fit and to be able to make your case about why that is true.

You will need to do some research on the employer and you will also need to be able to articulate why you are THE candidate to hire. Employers today look for win win and the cost of hiring and the cost of mistakes in hiring the wrong person usually keep employers eager to reduce the risks of hiring the wrong person, unqualified people or where the chemistry is not great.

Please make a list of a few industries and then some specific companies who fit this second question.

Take time now to list at least 5 industries and 5-10 employers in each of these industries. Once you do this you now have a target prospect list of at least 25-50 companies you can do research on, ask for referrals to and target as a great potential employer.

Once you have YOUR Personalized TARGET list you are ready to begin doing some personal inventory of your own skills and potential contributions.

Job Candidates who know their skill sets and can articulate their potential contributions to the employers get hired two to three times faster than other "qualified" candidates and ten times faster than those who do not have the needed skills.

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