Friday, March 12, 2010

Dianne Gubin on Increasing YOUR Value and Your Paycheck

One of my favorite career resources is Dianne Gubin,
She always share wide words and has many valuable connections.
Dianne is a woman who walks her talk and I highly recommend her firm.  Patty DeDominic

Here are 5 Ways to Leverage Your Value in the Workplace
by Dianne Gubin

1) Make new friends. Join several professional networking groups in your industry.

2) Proactively develop and maintain a network of contacts outside of your core business. The best time to develop a professional network of people who will take your calls is before you need one.

3) Master your job to the expert level. Be known as the “go to” person. Be generous with your time and expertise.

4) Continue your education. Attend and finish college if you haven’t done so yet. For the duration of your career, take classes toward certifications and specializations, even if your company doesn’t pay for training.

5) If you’re seeking a position or greater status in your industry, attend the annual tradeshow in this space. Pay to play. Stay in the conference hotel, go to the seminars, and attend the gala dinner event. Be visible.

Most important, the connections you make and maintain today will be invaluable tomorrow.

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