Monday, December 14, 2009

Chetan Dhruve's new E-book, Why Your Boss is Programmed to be a Dictator


I have an interesting statistic for you. A Gallup poll of more than 1 million U.S. employees reveals that the number 1 reason people quit their jobs is their boss.

 Chetan Dhruve has published an e-book called Why Your Boss is Programmed to be a Dictator, which suggests an idea on putting out a voting system for choosing leaders by subordinates. Sounds like a radical idea, isn't it? I am pretty sure you are dying to find out Dhruve's thoughts behind this suggestion – that is why  this e-book is for you, for for FREE!

In this e-book you will see how Dhruve describes some examples of why elected people can be true leaders but appointed ones will lead these managers into dictators. I am making a good guess that at least at one point in your career, you have experienced reporting to a manager you who was so manipulative that it prevented you from bringing out your best skills.

Read this e-book now! This will be help you recognize a potentially harmful supervisor and prevent you from letting this person get in the way of achieving a successful and fulfilling career. Get this FR3E e-book now!

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